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Top 5 Travel Destinations on Earth Where the Hottest Women Live

Top 5 Travel Destinations on Earth Where the Hottest Women Live

Many guys wonder where the world’s sexiest and most available women live. Well to help answer this question we have put together the top 5 list for the world’s most exciting and exotic travel destinations where the planet’s most desirable women call home.

1) Costa Rica: The country has 2 coasts, one on the Caribbean Ocean and one on the Pacific Coast. It has 7 Volcanoes and is an Edenic Paradise filled with Earth Angels. You may never want to leave!

2) Brazil: Brazil is a mystical country and the women are enchanted creatures. It’s a dream state experience you are never sure you lived. You will try it again just to see if it really was that good.

3) Cuba: There is nothing like it. An island paradise filled with tempting delicious women. Cuba is an untapped preserve of the freshest beauties alive.

4) Colombia: The country is vast and wide. Some of the bad news is true and some not. The women are luscious vibrant creatures dripping with femininity. Read up on what’s safe and what’s not and you will do well. Many Americans travel to Colombia today.

5) Dominican Republic: The country is a treasure chest of crystal clear sun warmed beaches. There is a classical mix of cultures and timeless tradition here. The women vary from light-skinned and green-eyed to Mocha dark flesh with moonless-night black eyes extenuated by midnight blue hair thick as rope and soft as china silk. Breath taking!

Keep in mind if you are planning to travel to one of these fine destinations or somewhere else. And you are interested in meeting foreign women, you can get ahead of the game by meeting them online first.

You can use free social sites to meet as many women as you like from the country and city where you are traveling. Get to know them now and have first date’s already set up and waiting to go before you even land.

The best part is, not only are these women intoxicatingly beautiful, there are also super friendly and easily approachable. All you need to do is be your self, no games or special pick-up tricks are required.