November 27, 2022

WHEN it comes to home improvements, people increasingly worry about making an impact on social media.

But trends like grey walls, Mrs Hinch’s favourite look, and bold features could actually be making your home decrease in value – experts have revealed.


Mrs Hinch’s grey living room is an inspiration for many on social media – but grey walls are among the biggest turn-offs for buyersCredit: Instagram

Trade website Rated People polled 1,000 Brits for its annual Home Improvement Trends report – to find out which features were most likely to put prospective buyers off.

Rooms with dark blue or grey walls were named as the biggest turn-offs, despite being loved by celebs and influencers.

While properties with only a shower, not a bath, dark blue kitchen cupboard doors, and bathrooms with white walls and contrasting black features also featured highly on the ‘no list’.

Painted floorboards, original sash windows, copper kitchen taps and patterned floor tiles were other fashionable trends which people turned their noses up at.

Blue walls and kitchen cupboards were also unappealing


Blue walls and kitchen cupboards were also unappealing Credit: Getty Images – Getty
Black bathroom feature on white bathroom walls could also decrease your home's value


Black bathroom feature on white bathroom walls could also decrease your home’s valueCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The biggest interior turn-offs

  1. Rooms painted dark blue 
  2. Rooms painted dark grey
  3. No bath (only a shower) 
  4. Dark blue kitchen cupboard doors 
  5. Black taps/shower fittings
  6. Painted floorboards
  7. Dark grey window frames
  8. Dark grey kitchen cupboard doors 
  9. Original sash windows
  10. Wooden double glazing
  11. Patterned floor tiles
  12. Tiled floor in living spaces
  13. Copper taps on kitchen sink
  14. White metro tiles in bathroom with dark grouting
  15. Open plan layout

Adrienne Minster, CEO of Rated People, told The Mail: “We know from the many completed projects in our community that dark and bold colours can look great, whether they’re used on walls, ceilings, kitchen cupboards or window frames. 

“But when it comes to selling, it’s a good idea to stay up to date with the features that buyers are looking for because the trends that were adding value just two to three years ago might now be devaluing properties.”

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