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Pros and Negatives of Focusing on Federal Govt For Funding of Technology Grants Non Profit


When seeking for engineering grants one need to look at the professionals and downsides of targeting federal govt for funding of technologies grants for non-profit business enterprise. When searching for funding for programs I assume that there are three positive aspects of concentrating on the federal authorities 1. The funds is sure, 2. There is uncomplicated access to details, and 3. The larger orders, so far more earnings. Whereas, a few negatives would be: extensive bid proposal, sizeable quantities of paper perform through keeping the contract, and the opposition is fantastic.

The to start with gain that I outlined is that the funds is specific. If my business have been to get a contract for small business from the governing administration they would be specific to be paid out. It would slice out the late payment or the collections procedure that we presently have working with more compact entities or men and women. The second benefit to concentrate on the federal federal government is that the governing administration may provide less complicated accessibility for information and facts for its contractors via up- to- date world wide web websites, which you will not constantly have entry to with lesser suppliers. At last, the third benefit I see is that more substantial orders equal’s larger sized revenue. Securing a governing administration agreement would most most likely be a substantial order and earnings for our business which would be worthy of any hurdles we could have to bounce via in the very long operate.

The first disadvantage I see to targeting the federal authorities is that there is most possible an substantial bid proposal procedure. We have submitted bids for area suppliers that do not even examine to the achievable a number of hundred internet pages that a govt proposal could consist of. This would suggest a lot of physical several hours invested in making ready the bid for proposal. Secondly, I imagine that a major drawback for my company if we ended up to safe a govt bid is that there would be considerable amounts of paperwork concerned in purchase to sustain the deal. The authorities is less than the public eye and so set-forth rigorous restrictions that the suppliers should observe, which features much paperwork! This would all over again, involve numerous several hours to keep up with this obligation. The 3rd downside I believe that is that the competition would be large. Even however governments are questioned to favor smaller organizations, I feel the competition among the those lesser companies would be quite wonderful. I experience that my enterprise would be at a drawback compared to other rivals merely primarily based on the fact that first, we are not a depressed company and second that we are not a minority owned enterprise.

Possessing mentioned all this, I would recommend my organization management to “go for it”! I assume they should really pursue a govt contract and I justify this by stating I assume the positive aspects outweigh the disadvantages in our predicament. I feel the prospective gain by yourself would justify my advice. On the other hand, just before producing that remaining decision to pursue, I would also suggest to my corporation that they critique our current spending budget and make sure that the price tag of the additional hrs included in planning the bid proposal would be economical even if the agreement was not awarded. Then, of system, if the deal is awarded the value of retaining the paperwork requires to be considered as very well.