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Nervous about Socializing in the Office Again? Here’s How to Break the Ice


Are you getting ready to return to the office after a long hiatus? It can be daunting to step back into the social scene after taking some time off.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. This guide gives you tips on breaking the ice and getting back into the swing of things.

Relationships are everything at work. Knowing you can talk to a team member or boss without repercussions makes all the difference.

Keeping in touch with your colleagues is another crucial factor in work relationships. But if you’ve been away for a long time, how do you re-engage? First of all, don’t be shy about opening up if something happens in your life. Other people can relate to personal experiences more often than not because that’s what makes us human after all. And it’s also a great conversation starter. 

So let’s dive right into our topic and learn how to break the ice!

Start the Conversation

As we brush off our in-person social skills, it is essential to remember that people everywhere worry about presenting themselves well. That’s why they may seem especially reserved at the beginning of a conversation.

Talk about the weather. It is a safe bet and usually one of the first things people talk about when they meet someone new. Also, it’s something that everyone has an opinion about, so they’ll likely have something to say about it.

You could also ask if they’ve seen any good films recently and what their favorite movie is. It is another excellent way to get someone talking – everyone loves a good chat about movies. In addition, you can recommend a movie you like.

Proven Methods

Make your colleagues feel comfortable by letting them know you remember what was going on when you last talked. 

Reminisce about projects you worked on together and share a funny story from back then. If you started a project they didn’t know about, talk about its progress and ask them what they’ve been up to. Be interested, and that automatically makes you interesting. 

If there’s a common interest outside of work, use it as a conversation starter. It’s essential to keep that rapport strong. You may have been away for a while, but now you’re back, so make the most of your time and valuable presence.

Of course, it’s even easier to break the ice when you’re with people who share a common interest, like friends at school or teammates on a sports team. If that’s true of any of your current colleagues, be intentional about mentioning your mutual connection.

Start Small

When trying to forge social relationships again, we suggest starting with your teammates and then moving up the ladder to your managers and other team leaders.

Reach out to each person one by one, whether you see them in person or talk to them on the phone.

If you know your colleague is going through a tough time and needs some support, reach out and ask how they’re doing with their problems. It’ll help you get re-acclimated to their personal life, allowing them to open up to you.

Befriend your Teammates

It’s not just your teammates that need to feel comfortable around you — you also need to feel the same way. For example, you may have a team member who is especially quiet or who seems like they might be having trouble fitting in; ask them if they’d like to have lunch with you or a cup of coffee.

There is always a younger version of yourself out there — someone a little bit shy, who would benefit from your friendship and confidence, regardless of where you are in life.

Reignite your Career

If 2020 thwarted your career plans and you are still stocktaking this time of transition to reassess your goals. Reevaluate your situation get feedback. The results won’t satisfy you if you start again. You can restart your career at any time.

Think about why you might have lost work or how you’ve ended up needing more skills training. Talk through the possibilities with family and friends, people you trust and who know you well. Establishing a safe network can help you meet your career goals more effectively. The Smithville telephone tech support is reliable and dynamic in its offerings. Check out their website for internet deals that’ll get you uninterrupted access and privacy. 


The ice-breakers we mentioned are just guidelines to help you navigate your way through conversations. You can come up with your own set of questions and see how people respond; we know you’ll do just great. Best of luck!