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Men’s Shearling Jackets: 5 Style Trends to Watch For

Men’s Shearling Jackets: 5 Style Trends to Watch For

Shearling coats are definitely a vintage style trend with roots in the wild west lifestyle of the cowboy. These coats are constructed from only the finest cuts of sheepskin, so the pelt offers a great barrier from the rain and cold while the fur lining insulates your body. They are light weight and so luxuriously comfortable to wear, you’ll never want to take it off. There is a wide variety of shapes, cuts, and styles to perfectly complement your wardrobe.

The perfect shearling coat is an investment, and like any investment, requires a lot of thought and research before you commit any money. A fur coat, though expensive, can last for decades. You will want to make sure that your coat is something you are going to enjoy putting on again and again for years to come. It should match your style, and fit well. Here are five style trends to watch for in men’s jackets this year.

The Barn Coat

As mentioned, shearling coats were so warm and so effective against the elements that many cowboys would even sleep in their coats while out on the range. This coat was made specifically for working and playing in the great outdoors, so if your lifestyle is outdoor-based, this may be the perfect coat for you.

The Aviator Jacket

The aviator or bomber shearling was popularized by the fighter pilots in the first world war. It was designed to keep the pilot warm and protect him from the bracing winds and rain. Some have detachable hoods, and come in a variety of colors and shapes. The classic look of the bomber is making a strong comeback with a zippered closure and fur collars. The aviator shearling can really help you capture that rugged and ready military style.

The Car Coat

Before cars had many of their modern conveniences such as heaters, many automotive enthusiasts wore a shearling car coat to stay warm. The car coat often has collar zips and a buckle closure system to offer the ultimate in warmth and protection from harsh weather.

The Duffle Coat

The duffle coat is a more modern coat, well-known for style and warmth. The style of these coats is reminiscent of fishermen and sailors, and offers the same warmth and protection. The duffle is known for a signature hand-carved bone or ox horn toggle-and-loop closure.

The Trench Coat

The Trench coat was made famous by British military officers. The coat’s length makes for a more formal coat and is better suited to people living in northern climates. Many of today’s trench coats still retain some of the old elements inspired by the British military, such as epaulets and measures to keep moisture from entering the coat.