Home Technology Medical Transcription – A Recession Free Career Till Now!

Medical Transcription – A Recession Free Career Till Now!

Medical Transcription – A Recession Free Career Till Now!

Medical transcription is a diligent process and noble objective to humanity by serving patients who require treatment from specialist doctors and health care providers. The jobs of medical transcription have been gaining importance due to its abundant supply and a profession of financial bonanza but it does not demand huge qualifications and skills. With the change of food habits and climatic irregularities human life has been facing a challenge to attain matured age in life.

And it is the medical transcriptionists who can contribute for actual treatment by transcribing dictated notes from specialist’s doctors and health care providers stationed in various locations in this planet. So, the process of converting verbal advice in a readable format is called medical transcription.

The following are the functions that a medical transcriptionist should adhere to i.e.:

A. History of patients and possible occurrences of diseases,
B. Mental and physical reports,
C. Notes of office and clinic,
D. Pathology and operative reports,
E. Transcribe consultation with doctors and heath care providers and their advises,
F. Patients discharge summaries,
G. Laboratory and x-ray reports,
H. Other kinds of jobs which are required to prepare a medical record.

The demand for good medical transcriptionists have been increasing day by day.The recent data from US dept. of labor reveals that medical transcription jobs at entry label provide $25000-$27000 P.A while it will be increased to $50000-$60000 P.A depending upon skills and qualifications. The AAMT has been providing degrees and diploma both offline and online arrangement. After completion of course, the successful candidates deserve the following skills.

A. Ability to use correct vocabulary, punctuation and spelling.
B. Good exposure in medical terminology relates to anatomy, general medicine and surgery, pathology and laboratory reports.
C. Basic computer software knowledge and internet technology.
D. Speed in keyboard operations 60-80 wpm and ability in proofreading.
E. Good understanding HIPAA, ICD-9, CPT-4 and its applications in medical transcription.

The medical transcription career is not hard but it is not as easy as data entry jobs. It requires lot of patience to sit in front of computer for a long time. Besides, some short term or long term qualifications are needed to do the jobs successfully.