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Latest Architecture Trends in 2018


“Every great architect is — necessarily — a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.” These words are from on the greatest architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. An architect is more of a visionary who foresees the design and layout according to the client’s requirements. Architecture is considered to be a piece of art which combines brick, sand, and idea of an architect. Coming up is a new year and as several changes can be expected in almost all fields, you can also expect a vast amount of changes in building architecture. So let’s take a peek at the upcoming trends in architecture and building design. The word “green’ seems more relevant in architecture nowadays than any time before.
The modern architects are extremely conscious about the environment and the impact of construction on the environment as well as local aesthetics. Unlike the past, the concept of greenery has become a vital part of all residential as well as commercial projects in the modern times. The architects are exploring and innovating with the layouts to create maximum possible green spaces, corners and ambience. The space constraints often make it impossible to devote large green spaces but the modern architect is compensating adequately with smaller varying green spaces. Instead of a large area compressing of green canopy, you would see smaller manicured lawns, tree-lined lanes, parks, and walkways with landscaped sitting spaces. In between all of this, an architect also has to make sure of functionality, such as floor plans, placements of outlets, and other issues. The basic mandate is to pose a challenge to meet a wide range of expectations in a single complex.
Open space plans seem to be one of the topmost upcoming trends throughout 2017 and more to come. We currently live in an era where space is literally a hardship. As more and more lean towards smaller homes, open plan spaces will make sure that you have plenty of space to move around and also the way to be a smartly organized home. No walls would make sure of your interior spaciousness and would also make sure the seamless connection and communication between the people living in that area. One of the most recent trends in architecture is considered as a major step towards evolution and that is the installation of solar panels for a sustainable energy source. Homeowners nowadays opt for methods that would make their home self-sufficient. One will go promoting this channel on a community level, hence emerges a sustainable colony. Modern times or modern lifestyle, where the humans are always under the stress of 24×7 work, people seem to move towards a trend of having a clutter free room which is their own quiet place. Those in short of space create a corner that lets you focus and get away from daily stress.