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It’s Not All Closed Doors That Are Also Locked


“It’s not all closed doors that are locked…some are closed on the account of weather.” Thapelo Jonas

It is often said that only two things are certain in life, death and taxes. However, one other thing that qualifies to be placed in that category is ‘knocking’. Every person has to knock at least on one door in their lifetime-be it when you are looking for a job, acquiring capital for your business start-up or even when securing a bursary to study at university. It is an inevitable reality; everyone is compelled to knock at certain doors to get ahead in life.

But guess what? Many of us are crippled by fear when we have to knock at some of these important doors. The big question is why?

It is a song you will hear in many people’s lips, “there are no jobs; I have been trying to apply for years now…” And this anthem, in my two cents opinion is not 100 percent accurate.

Firstly, the advent of the Internet has exposed people to online job applications, people can sit behind their chairs and send their curriculum vitae or business proposals by means of an email and eventually conclude five days later that, the position was taken.

And yes, technology has afforded us convenience and speed to expedite these processes, but it is the passive approach that it inculcates that should not be a replacement for an action-oriented approach our predecessors had.

We should adopt that attitude that says “If they don’t reply to my application or proposal, I will physically go and knock on their doors”.

The truth is; there is an employer out there looking for someone with your talents, aptitude and personality, however, they are not always going to realize it by the four-page document dropping in their inbox.

It is always the action that separates extraordinary people from ordinary ones.

But taking steps is not always an easy thing for some of us…so, where do you start in developing this action-oriented approach?

# 1. Develop your speaking and writing skills

When applying for a vacancy or securing capital for your business, you first need to realize that you are selling a product called YOU. And how successful that product sells, depends on the power of persuasion that you have.

Practice how you will use words when asked to describe why the potential employer or investor should hire you or fund your venture-often referred to as an elevator pitch.

Create a sales copy that comprises of a product YOU.

# 2. Brand yourself

There is an old adage that goes, “you don’t get second chances to make first impressions”. Many people ignore the importance of image. Everyone you meet has perceptions about you; you cannot afford to let people brand you. Dress for success, look the part and before long you will be the part.

# 3. Develop positive self-talk

It is important to know that our words have the ability to create our reality. You eventually become the product of your words, therefore if you continuously tell yourself, “I am the best, I will make it and I am destined for greatness….” You will eventually become that which you profess.

And lastly…

# 4. Take action

Even if it’s only because they are annoyed by the knock, someone will always open the door for you.