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How To Find A Coworking Space In Dubai And Abu Dhabi


Dubai and Abu Dhabi are hubs of industry. If your company can be based in either, it will be a huge advantage to its prospects.

Many firms choose to utilize coworking spaces in these areas. It can help them cut costs in a hugely active area for their industry and aid them in fostering a sense of community and enjoying access to services like gyms and on-site showers.

Coworking spaces are quite highly sought after, so it’s important to be diligent when seeking them out. Here are some of the things you should remember.

Establish Your Budget

Coworking spaces can help your company save money. However, prices can vary as the services on offer can be quite flexible.

You’ll find it much easier to find a coworking space when you’re working with a confidently set budget. To do this, you’ll need to know which factors influence costs most in this arena. These include:

  • All the aesthetics of the space.
  • The reputation and facilities around the location that you have chosen.
  • Services you wish to be included – receptionists, etc.
  • The payment model – most coworking spaces incur monthly charges, which differ from the quarterly payments of a traditional lease arrangement.

Anticipating these costs is important. While you may not know the specifics until you conduct further enquiries, it’s still best to have a general budgetary outline based on your research.

Enlist Expert Support

You’re not alone in your search for shared commercial premises in these territories. It’s best to operate under the guidance of experts.

Whether you’re looking for a coworking space in Dubai or a coworking space in Abu Dhabi, you can find all the support you need with Letswork. They have hundreds of locations to show you in both areas, giving you confidence that a perfect match will be made sooner. Sign up for free, buy their membership pass, visit the location of your choice, and then use the Letswork app to check-in.

You can also use the app to avail your benefits. These can include reserved seating near plugs, access to super-fast wifi, unlimited beverages, and more. From smaller perks to major workplace advantages, it’s all accessible through these services. They can also give you confidence, as it can seem like everything has been accounted for. Don’t worry if not all of these arrangements are to your liking; flexible deals are also available, so you can honor your budget.

Consider Your Firm’s Needs

Not all coworking spaces are the same. Whether you’re looking in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you’ll need to consider some general considerations.

It would help if you asked questions about the area. Is the location in a place with heavy footfall and industry prestige? What’s traffic congestion like? Is there availability with parking spaces? Are the commute logistics reasonable? The questions can be relentless, but you and your colleagues must grapple with them.

The workplace itself needs to be interrogated too. What’s the existing work culture like? Is it noisy inside? Do the coworking space’s aesthetics and arrangement align with your vision for your firm? Ultimately, finding a coworking space is an opportunity to establish or redefine your company’s identity, so these considerations must be thoroughly mulled over.