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How Effective Can Be Business Proposal Writing?


A business proposal is an effective form of preparing an offer to be sent to a prospective client. The main aim is to send an offer to a customer to motivate him to initiate the business with the merchant. If used thoughtfully and effectively, it can be instrumental in establishing a strong relationship with a merchant.

There are several useful tips and tricks considered to prepare an offer letter. A writer should be able to study the mind of a prospective customer. Understanding a potential customer is essential as this may enable a customer to understand the problems of a client and draft a proposal accordingly. You can deal with your prospective client’s problems in a better manner in an offer letter by offering him a solution in the form of your products or services. The length of your offer letter depends on what you choose to write. One should not hide anything from a customer and unfold all sorts of monetary expenditure required in the contract or agreement that you have got to propose.

However, a merchant should also be brief, concise and lucid in presenting a proposal to a client. It should be highly impressive not only in its presentation but also in its content. The subject matter is more important aspect that many merchants tend to ignore. The content should be crisp, unique and fresh. One more important thing is that many people ignore is that they often use the word ‘expenditure’ or ‘cost’ in their proposals. These words imply to a reader as if even if your offer is profitable it involves a cost. Therefore, in order to convince a reader to believe in an offer as well as your organization you should use the word such as ‘investment’. In this way, you can convince a customer about your offer and persuade him to initiate the business with and enterprise.

There are proposal writing tools available in the market that can guide a user with an ability to prepare an effective business proposal.