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How big sports events are organized using QR codes


Want to know how a QR code can contribute to big sports events?

One such example is the Olympics, which is still the greatest sporting event in the world. It happens every four years and shows the best athletes competing from different parts of the world.

Over the years, QR codes have been quite useful for promoting such big sporting events, and in facilitating seamless operations.

Using a QR code generator online, sports organizers and even athletes can select the QR code type that best meets their needs.

By the end of 2022, there will be more than 83 million smartphone users in the US, and that number is only expected to grow every year.

Utilizing QR codes in sports competitions can speed up information retrieval and help you promote to larger audiences.

Instant data in one scan

Your audience can instantly access your data online. These can be sports regulations, tickets, reservations, or any campaign on a QR code that contains the data you want them to see. Need to edit some information in there? No problem. Just choose a dynamic QR code.

People can enter the event with ease since you know they are all authorized attendees.

You can then track the data for the number of scans, location, type of device, and more.

You can make use of a QR code ticket system for free and check excellent options for the best schedules and seats.

Customize your QR codes

You can customize and plan what your QR code would look like so it attracts more people to scan it. Choose your QR code patterns, eyes, and colors. Just remember to avoid using lighter colors as it will contradict most smartphone cameras.

It won’t be so easily scanned, and your QR code campaigns might just go to waste.

You can also add your logo on the QR code to make it more recognizable. The ideal size for customizing logos has been determined to be the system’s default logo size.

Your logo needs to be square in shape; otherwise, it might stretch. A 500 x 500-pixel logo is highly recommended.

In addition to logos, you can also incorporate a call to action (e.g., ‘Scan for access’, ‘Get Promo Code’, or ‘Scan to download’) that will encourage more people to scan the code.


Types of QR codes

People love instant, easy-to-use, and error-free data access. Due to its increased popularity since the start of 2020, the life-saving use of QR codes has been embedded in society, and it’s evolved into a variety of contactless transactions in the last 2 years.

The option of static or dynamic

Static and dynamic QR codes are your two options when generating these versatile squares.

Static QR codes are free QR codes that are fixed and cannot be edited. Since it is free, it will work forever and has no expiration. The down side is, if you need to update the data on the existing Static QR Code, you would need to generate another one, as it can’t be edited.

Along with that, this simple, static QR code cannot be tracked. So, there’s no telling how effective your campaign actually is.

You can create a static QR code even without registering, unlike a dynamic QR code, which best works with a plan.

For new or updated campaigns—especially if they are already printed on flyers or brochures—you won’t need to produce a new QR code. No need to reprint your materials, either.

Dynamic QR codes are editable in nature. Feel free to update your data whenever you want with no limits.

For updating your information online during big sporting events, dynamic QR codes are the best way to go.

In contrast to static QR codes, dynamic QR codes are trackable, allowing users to track information for marketing purposes such as the number of scans, location, and device.

Organizers or marketers can then easily create a more tailored QR code campaign for their target audiences moving forward.

How to make a QR code for big sports events

  1. Go to QR code generator online
  2. Select the QR code option you desire. This could be URL, File, etc.,
  3. Select Static or Dynamic
  4. Click on Generate and customize your QR code
  5. Test your QR code before printing
  6. Download and print QR codes for your marketing materials


Since it is guaranteed that many people will attend big sporting events, organizers and employees always anticipate that things can get very busy.

This is why they trust QR codes in helping them organize a more secure event. Marketers also know they can rely on QR codes to add more hype to the promotion, and connect to the younger generation who are always on their mobile phones.

This is all made possible with the help of an advanced QR code generator with logo software, which comes with an ISO 27001 certification for a more secured event coverage.