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Here’s Why It Makes Double Sense


Combined Health + Life Insurance Plan: Here's Why It Makes Double Sense

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Combined Health + Life Insurance Plan: Here’s Why It Makes Double Sense

There is no denying that today’s uncertain world has made getting insurance protection the need of the hour. Even as new viruses and diseases emerge, resulting in loss of health and life, protecting oneself and the family against such unforeseen scenarios has become even more imperative. If you haven’t already invested, as part of sound financial planning, to protect your family’s present and future, it is advisable to do so in earnest. One of the first steps in this process is to have two insurance covers that are critical: life insurance and health insurance.

But if you’re going to take life cover and health insurance, why make it complicated? What if a combination policy provides you both life and health care benefits, at the same time helping avoid the cumbersome process of searching for different life insurance and health insurance providers, purchasing two different policies, and maintaining them separately?

QuickProtect by HDFC Life is one such term insurance that suffices both health and life insurance needs in a single plan. It is a comprehensive solution that gives 3D cover against Death, Disease and Disability. This entails a portion covering your medical expenses such as hospitalization, cashless treatments, surgeries, etc. arising out of disease or disability, while the other portion going towards a lump sum benefit for your family in the unfortunate event of your demise.

HDFC Life QuickProtect plan offers some key advantages, making it an ideal solution for life + health insurance requirements:

  • You don’t need to opt for two different policies for two different covers.
  • Issuance of policy is quick and hassle-free.
  • Easy maintenance of a single plan instead of policies for different objectives.
  • You get to choose from three different package sum assured options, depending on your coverage requirements.
  • No medical screening needed, and the policy is subject to underwriting.
  • You can avail tax benefits as per prevailing tax laws.

Benefits of QuickProtect Solution

As part of the QuickProtect plan, the sum assured is divided into four components, accidental disability benefit, critical illness benefit, accidental death benefit, and comprehensive life cover. The allocation of benefits into different components varies on the basis of package sum assured chosen: 75 lakhs, 1 crore, or 1.25 crore. Below are the detailed benefits:

HDFC Life Income Benefit on Accidental Disability: In case of Accidental Total Permanent Disability of the policyholder, a regular income equal to 1% of rider sum assured per month is payable to the policyholder for the next 10 years.

HDFC Life Critical Illness Benefit: On diagnosis of any of the 19 critical illnesses covered under the health cover, a lump sum is payable to the policyholder.

Accidental Death Benefit Option: In the event of the policyholder’s death due to an accident, an additional sum assured equal to 100% of basic sum assured is payable to the beneficiary/nominee.

HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Life: Term insurance plan that provides comprehensive financial protection to the beneficiary/nominee in the case of policyholder’s demise.

QuickProtect by HDFC Life gives you an umbrella protection in the two areas most crucial in insurance: health and life. Having such a protection will put your mind to rest knowing that if and when life takes a turn for the worse, you and your family have a safety net to fall back on. And remember, purchasing and maintaining insurance need not be complicated.

A single solution, a simple solution, is all that’s needed.


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