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Fixing Those Springs for Celica GT-S


In hooking up a car, a set of lowering springs is a must. The springs have to be firm, but not too stiff. How many times have you seen lowered cars bouncing up and down? or more specifically, while the car is moving? When the car bounces, its contact patch gets inconsistent, increasing the chances of the tire losing complete grip, which is definitely not good. If the tire were to skip off the pavement for a split second while going into a turn, you could lose control of your car and wreck it.

Eibach has been manufacturing springs since 1951 and they make performance springs for almost every car out there. Two kits are offered for the Celica GT-S: Pro-Kit and Sport line. Pro-Kits would have lowered the car a little more than an inch. If you are on going with larger 17-inch wheels, Eibach recommends that you go with Sport lines, which lowers the car 1.8 inches up front and 2.4 inches out back. When using the Sportline kit, it is highly suggested that Eibach’s alignment kit is installed to bring the camber specs back into spec.

Here are the steps in fixing the spring for Celica GT-S from the folks at superstreetonline.com:

1. Start off by removing the rear interior panels.

2. After the panels are out, remove the bolts holding the strut/spring to the strut tower.

3. Same goes for the front assembly.

4. Remove the lower bolts that hold the lower control arms to the upper links. Don’t try and push the LCA down to facilitate room for the removal of the strut/spring assembly.

5. Moving to the front of the car, use a strap to hold the axle in the tranny. When removing the strut, gravity pulls the suspension out to full droop, and can potentially yank the axle out.

6. Pull out the strut/spring assembly.

7. Mark each strut to be sure you don’t mix them up.

8. Measure the bump stop and trim off the appropriate amount. Eibach includes instructions on how much should be trimmed.

9. The bumps top sawed the appropriate amount off. The reason the bumps top is shortened is to give you additional suspension travel. Since the car will obviously sit lower, you’ll lose a bit of travel if you leave the bumpstops at their stock length. Do not remove the bumpstops.

10. Put the washers and remain the hardware back on the strut, paying close attention to the order.

11. The top of the strut shaft has a flat portion that you need to pay attention to. A lot of times, users will just smash the upper mount and be happy with a force fit. Don’t do it Chip!

12. Install the OEM rubber dust boot and upper mount. This is the front assembly, but the same thing goes for the rear.

13. Before you tighten down all the bolts, be sure to align the spring seat properly. Then it is done!

If you need to know more of this, visit the site on eibach spring.