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Explaining the Unexplainable

Explaining the Unexplainable

For some time scientists all too often find it so hard to rationalize that certain mysteries like the Piri Reis Map always have to have man’s interpretation of known logical answers. There are many instances all through-out history that man has failed to fully understand how such an event, relic, or a sighting occurred.

To date man is still using their own known sources to explain what mankind is not yet capable of understanding. To theorize and hypothesize certain events, found relics, sightings and occurrences that by today’s intellectual capabilities seem unexplainable we always try to rationalize and convince ourselves there is always a known logical explanation. This happens all too often, when in reality we really aren’t fully capable of understanding these anomalies.

We seem to always fail to grasp that there is in this vast universe other intelligent life forms that just maybe have a much higher level of intellect and technology. As a result the known anomalies that have baffled scientists through the years they have always figured that these occurrences have a known logical explanation according to our known level of science and technology.

Mankind has to realize that we really aren’t the only intelligent life form in the entire universe. What is our realm of reality of know science and logic may not be the same in other worlds light years away. We have always assumed that such anomalies always have our know logical answers. We have yet to fully comprehend that we are not alone in this vast universe.

Explaining the unexplainable for us it is hard to fathom that through the ages humanity has been the beneficiary of other intelligent life forms. Is it so hard to grasp that there are other life forms that are more intelligent and have a higher level of technology than man has here on earth? Think about it. We are really are not alone in this vast universe.

Too many of our scientific community still today insist that the existence of historic anomalies have always had a logical explanation. In accordance with our known scientific knowledge the logical reasoning have always been the answers to how these anomalies occurred. And, until we accept the fact that the existence of extra terrestrial lifeforms exist and have in fact left their footprint here on earth we will always be limited. Limited by our own logic, our own rational, a base unacceptance of extra terrestrial life form existence and our fear of the unknown.