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Elden Ring DLC Fire Knight Queelign Questline

Elden Ring DLC Fire Knight Queelign Questline

Fire Knight Queelign is one of the most aggressive NPCs we will face in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. We will meet him in the Shadow Realm, and we will fight Fire Knight Queelign as an NPC invader with powerful Elden Ring Items. In the end, like most other questlines, what we need to do is to help him end his suffering and learn his story. Next, it will be all about completing Fire Knight Queelign’s questline.

Fire Knight Queelign’s questline is divided into three stages. We need to find him in three different places to complete the quest.

First Meeting: Belurat & Tower Settlement

We will first meet Fire Knight Queelign in the upper town of Belurat, Tower Settlement, west of Gravesite Plain. Before that, perhaps we can also meet Fire Knight Queelign in the Crusader Church. In any case, we need to face and defeat him twice, which is necessary for us to complete the quest.

We start from the Site of Grace ‘Belurat, Tower Settlement’ and go through the fountain area nearby.

After we deal with the aggressive shadows, go east.

At the end, go up the stairs through the small door on the left.

Then we activate the Site of Grace ‘Small Private Altar’ and continue through the room.

After reaching the top, after bypassing some obstacles, we can find a group of shadows.

After that, we will meet the Fire Knight Queelign next to an enormous tree in the center of the courtyard. Defeat him and advance the process.


Before the Fire Knight Queelign appears, we will hear him mutter something like, “Those who are deprived of the grace of gold will face death, surrounded by the flames of Mesmer.”

For those of us who have a lot of experience in Elden Ring, Queelign is relatively easy to deal with. We just need to pay attention to his burning sword. After all, it is very uncomfortable to take a set of damage. And we need to take into account that he will heal himself when his health is low, then we need to speed up the attack efficiency. Without the powerful Elden Ring Items, I think this is also a hard task, and we can’t deal a powerful blow to Fire Knight Queelign. If we don’t get the powerful items before this, then it is also a good choice to buy Elden Ring Items through the well-known game currency sales platform IGGM.com.


After defeating him, a small number of Elden Ring Runes and Crusader Badge Amulets will drop, which is also a clue for us to understand his next location. And if you are not satisfied with the number of runes dropped and it is not enough to support the game progress, then buying runes is also a good choice. And there is also a good discount code “Water” available, which can help you get an additional 5% discount when we buy Elden Ring Runes.


Second Meeting: Church Of The Crusade & Scadu Altus

According to the clues obtained from the Crusader Emblem Amulet when defeating Fire Knight Queelign for the first time, we can meet Fire Knight Queelign for the second time at the Church of the Crusade in Scadu Altus.

To get there, we need to ride northwest from the Land of Grace “Highroad Cross”. As we get closer, we will see the church on the mountain, just as you reach the main road to Shadow Fortress.


To encounter Fire Knight Queelign again, we need to collect a pair of Scadu tree fragments from the statue at the end of the church. As we approach the statue, we will hear Quillig’s voice again, repeating what he said before his last death: “You shall not hide from the flames of Mesmer.”

We need to defeat him again, and fortunately, his attack method is exactly the same as the first time. We just need to defeat him accordingly.


When defeating him for the second time, he will drop the Ashes of War: Flame String and the Prayer Room Key. Save them, they will bring us a rich reward for this, and this is also the last clue for us to find his location for the last time.

Third Meeting: Shadow Keep’s Prayer Room

We can find the prayer room in the Cathedral District of Shadow Keep, which is located on the east side.

After activating the “Church District Entrance” in the Land of Grace, jump to the rooftop nearby below.

Keep going west, watching out for exploding fire enemies along the way, until you reach the rooftop of a larger building.


Take care of the Flame Knight here.

Then reach the top of the roof through the large black arch on the left.

Descend to the lower level through the large hole in the floor.

The prayer room is located in the corner of the flooded room corner.

When we arrive at the prayer room, we will find Fire Knight Queelign rolling on the ground and groaning in pain, pleading and praying to his Queen Marika.

When we continue to want to talk to him, he will not say anything more, and we will need to return here with an Iris of Grace or the Iris of Occultation to end Queelign’s quest line.

The results of giving the Iris of Grace or the Iris of Occultation are completely different.

If you give him the Iris of Grace, Queelign will be able to keep his lonely light, allowing you to receive Fire Knight Queelign in the form of Soul Ashes. In this way, we can summon him in the next battle and continue his mission to protect Marika.


If you give him the “Iris of Occultation”, Queelign will not keep this lonely light. In return, we will get his greatsword as a reward.

Personally, I think giving Queelign the “Iris of Grace” is a better choice, because this ending is more in line with the quest setting and the development of the plot. Of course, if you really need this big sword, that’s another matter. Getting a beautiful new weapon is also a good choice.

And this is the ending of the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC Fire Knight Queelign’s questline. Different choices will have different results. Off topic, if you want to know more about the quest line and its detailed strategy, you can visit IGGM’s Elden Ring News Channel to learn more.

I hope this strategy can better help you complete Fire Knight Queelign’s questline and improve your own strength. Enjoy everyone and everything you encounter in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree!