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Delicious and Healthy Snacks For Healthy Living


Snacks are the food items that we munch on at odd times to keep the hunger pangs away until meal times. Can we indulge on snacks? Yes, as long as it is healthy. Over-indulgence on fried and sweet snacks causes weight gain. Eating healthy snacks on the other hand keeps us slim and helps in our quest for weight loss too.

Many unhealthy snacks add empty calories that don’t have any nutrition to our diet. Yet, so many of us gorge ourselves on these useless items when we feel hungry. It is time we start reading the food labels and choose healthier options. By doing so we set ourselves on path to good nutrition, improved lifestyle and also, keep ourselves disease free. The choices we make will provide us with the energy we need and also, keep us well-nourished.

It’s not just children, even adults love snacks. While a kid indulging in an occasional unhealthy snack doesn’t suffer too much. Adults leading sedentary life-style pack on the pounds if they over-indulge on these very snacks.

Nutritious and Small

Pick nutrition-filled healthy snacks, each of about 100 calories. Pick delicious items that will quickly catch up with your family. These items must be easy to make and be approved by nutrition-experts.

Fat Burning Snacks

If you pick the right products, not only will it satisfy your cravings but also, help burn off the fat. The food items which have nutrition and right amount of calories will metabolize fast and help you build muscle too.

Fiber-Laden Goodies

The snacks you pick should contain fiber which aids in digestion and curb sugar craving of our body. Suppose, you pick a 200 calorie snack. It should have 5 gm of fiber and 10 gm of protein.

Fruits And Vegetables

You need about 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day. Very few people eat them in the required quantities. This vitamins, minerals and goodness laden foods help prevent heart problems, cancer, blood pressure and diabetes. They also help people live long and healthy lives. Eat fruits in season. These are best sources of nutrition as they are fresh produce. Also, they are inexpensive compared to other unhealthy processed foods.

Some all time favorites are mangoes, apples, bananas, blueberries, pears, peaches, plums, cherries, grapes, strawberries, watermelon and papaya. Vegetables that are used as snacks include carrots, cucumber, tomato, zucchini, celery, lettuce, bell peppers and avocado. Toss them in salads, add a low-fat dressing like olive oil and lemon juice and indulge in some dips for a delicious snack.